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State of the State of the Market: Not Very Impressive

We all know that the real estate market is a schizophrenic one (we do, right?), but the ebb and flow that takes place on a week-to-week basis is enough to give Kobayashi an ulcer. Some weeks it seems like there's a firesale going on and everybody can get his or her dream home, and some weeks it seems like the market is insanely hot and the only ones who can afford a place to live are people with first names like "Tinsley." After the mania of 110 Livingston and the Toll Brothers, and word that Andre Balazs is building a tower just for rich people to screw in, it was starting to feel a little Tinsley around here. But then there was the whole Astor Place rental thing, and now the arrow seems to be swinging towards firesale. Two apparent examples of this in the ether: S. Jhoanna Robledo reporting in New York that you can now?holy fucking shit?lose money on a Manhattan apartment, and the above reader-submitted photo, along with the comment: "What was that sound? Oh, it was just a bubble." Lo-fi marketing schemes aside, popular opinion this week has us rating the market a solid "meh." Any thoughts on people's thoughts about what's going on?
· This Isn't Their Moment [New York]