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Ye Waverly Reopens, West Village Trembles

It's the rare restaurant opening in which the owner floats the idea that perhaps the city should change the direction of the traffic in the neighborhood to better accomodate his guests. Of course, Ye Waverly Inn is no ordinary restaurant, and Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter is no ordinary restaurateur. (Located on the corner of Bank and Waverly in the heart of the West Village's townhouse Mecca, Ye Waverly dates back to 1920, as this excellent Villager backgrounder on its history details.)

Why does all this matter today? Because the crazy kids at Eater somehow got inside the new/olde Ye Waverly last night, on its third night of supersoft-open. They're chronicling the experience all day today, starting with the exterior and working their way inside. If you focus, you can almost hear Ron Perelman's stretch SUV idling outside.
· Waverly Innsanity [Eater]