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Williamsburg Developer "Behooved" to Trash the Mustard

Now we know why Williamsburg's Old Dutch Mustard factory, which was dispatched to the Big Hot Dog in the Sky over the last few weeks, was demolished. Owner Steiner Equities tells the Post's Steve Cuozzo that they had no choice but to tear it down. In fact, it "behooved" them:

"Although I was first attracted to the Old Dutch Mustard building by its architecture, under the residential zoning code particular to the site and the current building code, it behooved us to build from the ground up," Steiner Equities principal Douglas C. Steiner said.To recap: Steiner bought the building because they liked it, then figured out they'd have to pulverize it to build 127,000 square feet of residential and retail space in the "architectural style" of the neighborhood. Good to know. It behooves us to offer a final time lapse series of Old Dutch demolition photos after the jump.
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