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On the Market: "Think Floating Townhouse"

We're really bummed we missed out on this open "house," because we're pretty much in love with this "housebarge" that's currently docked in Brooklyn’s Mill Basin at Kings Plaza Marina. Looks like there have been remarkable advancements in housebarge design since we stopped taking notice (OK, we admit it, our water-based housing knowledge isn't in tip-top shape). Check out the hard sell via Craigslist:

This incredibly gorgeous, spacious and sunny 48’ custom luxury house barge has three floors, 3 bedrooms one of which is a loft, 2 baths, a huge living room with a fireplace and two LARGE bay windows that let in loads of light and lend to a tremendously OPEN feel. It has a sauna, a Jacuzzi, lots of wood, a front porch, a balcony off the kitchen and a 500 sq. ft. roof deck —break out the BBQ! The ad also commands you to "Think and live outside the box!" By ... living in a box? Anyhoo, yours for $199,000.
· Listing: $199000 The Coolest Thing In Bklyn- a 3BR Housebarge! [CL]