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Storefronting: UNI QLO, LES Whole Foods, MePa Offices

1) Soho: Have you ever been sick of a store before it actually opened? UNI QLO is dangerously flirting with that dubious distinction. All of these truck container pop-up stores are getting out of control, but at least they're finally opening up the flagship store this weekend? At least American Apparel had the decency to open like 10,000 new stores in an hour to make everybody tired of them. What have you done, UNI QLO, other than clog sidewalks and offer such sensible, affordable and attractive hoodies? ARGH, WE HATE THAT WE LOVE YOU. [Storefronting inbox]

2) LES: Haven't heard much out of the Whole Foods on Bowery in a while, but here's some news that affects contest entry: "Whole Foods at Union Square has petitions at every register for their appeal to the liquor board to approve a wine store at the Bowery location. There are big signs all around the checkout lines asking people to help. I signed!" Updated opening over/under: winter, our discontent. [Storefronting inbox]

3) MePa: We can't imagine what it must be like to go to work during the daylight hours in the Meatpacking District, having to navigate all those used condoms and cocaine-dusted sidewalks, but a lot of people are going to find out soon enough. Icon Group bought 414 and 416 West 14th Street, and they're combining them, adding a couple of floors and leasing it out as office space. They will also be replacing closed parapets with windows "for a chic Meatpack-ish look." If we recall correctly, 416 currently houses nightclub Rare or R&R or whatever it's called these days. [The Real Estate]

4) Midtown: Is there no better marriage than smartphones and Midtown? Of course not. For those suspicious of transacting over the Internet, you don't have to buy your red Treo 680s on Palm's website. Starting this month (prolly), you can go to the new Palm retail store at Rockefeller Center! Hooray! [NewYorkology]

5) Downtown: "When walking to my office, a bunch of the stores along John near Broadway have been shut down due to MTA improvements, mostly tailors and the like, but there were about 6 shops forced to move or shut down." Take that, tailors. Curse you and your callused fingertips. [Storefronting inbox]