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LES/EVil Nonshocker: Downzone Unveiled, People Pissed

Much to all our amusement, the City Planning Department unveiled its long-awaited downzoning plan for the Lower East Side and East Village at a Community Board 3 meeting yesterday, the first step in what will be a long chain of meetings and more proposals and negotiations. For now, this is what the deal is: Eight stories max, and 12 on major roadways (Delancey, East Houston, etc.) as long as the developer turns 20% of that into affordable housing built anywhere in CB3. Detractors say that building owners will just pile additions on top of current structures to meet the max height, and they also want a moratorium on new construction until the plan is settled. Supporters say ... uh, none were quoted, so we have no idea. The Post calls out Blue and THOR as the culprits responsible for this whole thing, with nary a mention of Pomeranc's Princess Di tribute. Looks like we know one reporter who's getting a pool pass.
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[LES sunset photo via Flickr user alq666]