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Mill Basin Redux: Homes on Dry Land

Okay, so this is our second time in two days with an item about Mill Basin in Brooklyn. Yesterday, it was a housebarge/floating townhouse docked at the Mill Basin Marina that's on the market for $199,000. Today, it's "luxury waterfront living" in the form of The Bay Front Estates at Mill Basin. The marketing pitch, by the way, says that before this development, "homebuyer’s choices for luxury new construction in Brooklyn were limited to condominium apartments or the arduous task of buying an existing home, tearing it down and then re-building." Each home comes with its own private boat slip in the development's marina. It does kind of look like part of the development faces the ass end of the big King's Plaza Mall and its parking garage across the water, though. In any case, we've now filled our Mill Basin quota through mid-'07.
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