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Development Update-o-Rama: Wither Madison Square Park?

They're not quite Rumblings and Bumblings, but as of late the flow of email to Curbed HQ requesting status updates on select new developments around town has accelerated. Herewith, a grabbag of queries.

1) Flatiron: Ah, the glory that is the redevelopment circus in this neighborhood. Queries a reader, "Any word on how all the developments around Madison Square Park are doing? Grand Madison, 15 MSN, 76 Madison, Toy Center, etc, are selling/progressing? Booming area that is getting little attention."

2) Carroll Gardens: A longtime Curbed favorite prompts this question: "Any update on Court Street Lofts [f/k/a 505 Court Street, right]? Can you post an update????" (Leave the extra question marks on for quadrouple the query fun.)

3) Chelsea: "How about Highline 519, at 519 West 23rd Street? Construction on this project has all but stopped, and since last spring there’s been little or no progress at all. The empty concrete shell hasn’t been touched in months, and remains exposed to the elements. That bodes poorly for getting any work done over the winter. Has the developer run out of money?"

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