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Beach Special: Star Room for Sale (Again)

With The Beach closed for the season, it falls to us to ask: want to make sure you and your friends can get into the Star Room next summer in without fail? Here's a quick VIP trick: buy the place.

In what's becoming a winter ritual, the Hamptons club is back on the market. Clubland broker Steven Kamali (who brokered the deal for the Star Room's summer 2006 owners) sends word that the joint is indeed for sale, this year asking $4.25 million. Besides the decor—"Modern marriage of urban contemporary and Hamptons’ country chic; plush banquets ring the interior walls with curtains in one room which can be drawn for privacy"—there's this important detail: the place comes complete with "approximately 70" bottle service tables.
· East End Clubland '06 [The Beach]