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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Hell No

Answers to Tuesday's questions, such as they are, below. Admissions are rolling, gang, so keep 'em coming. All the good stuff to in the comments below.

1) No. Hell's Kitchen: Still waiting for some sort of juicy nugget on the Windermere at 9th Ave & W 57th. We did find the Landmark Preservation Commission's report (warning: pdf) from last summer, which we recommend you read aloud with a loved one. Meanwhile, as for the development prospects, a commenter reports, "i know one of the tenants that lives in the windemere....and has lived there at least 30 years...and is not leaving any time soon .....i would love to get inside the building and wander around...but it must be pretty creepy in there.."
2) UWS/No. No. Hell's Kitchen: As to the rumored rehabilitation of the pool at the 59th Street Rec Center (between 59th/60th and 10th/11th), the best we can do is to tell you that it probably isn't going to blow up your rent. Says a commenter, "Since when does someone's rent go up because a public pool is being rehabilitated? What are you folks smoking?"
3) Park Slope: It cannot be true that no one cares about the vacant former medical arts and stable buildings on Union between 6th and 7th. C'mon, give it up!