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Mosaic Properties, Curbed BFFs Since 4:11pm

We've never heard of new real estate firm Mosaic Properties, but let's just say it's love at first sight. Per The Real Deal:

Now, at least for one day each month, apartment hunting itself will be a late-night option for home-hungry Manhattanites. Near the end of each month starting this month, a new firm named Mosaic Properties will host 'Rental 911' marathon sessions, during which the brokerage house stays open all night long to help desperate renters, buyers and landlords. Agents will even go around the city with customers showing vacant apartments in the wee hours as part of the event.If, like us, you're not familiar with Mosaic, they've got a flashy website complete with three properties for sale (including the "BEST DEAL IN THE BRONX!")—though, to be fair, many more rentals. So what sort of brokers will stay up all night to serve Mosaic clients? "Mosaic targets green agents just out of college and offers them sales and market training in exchange for a little hustle." Sound like your kind of gig? Look here: it's your lucky day!
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UPDATE: The HuntGrunt schools us on Mosaic.