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The Zoning Diet?

Remember proposals to squeeze fast food restaurants the same way parts of the city have been de-porned? (It came before the whole trans-fat ban business.) Gotham Gazette digs a bit deeper into how zoning and development practices go together like big gut and tight pants. The article says:

New York has one of the lowest ratios of park acreage per person in the nation, new parks are rarely built while the population continues to grow, and the parks department budget is under perpetual siege...And even though large parts of the city are walkable, other parts, including those adjacent to expressways and major avenues, have hazardous walking environments that expose people to large doses of air-borne contaminants and risks to pedestrian safety.In other words, the day may come when you can walk along a greenway to get the only donut in miles.
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· Crappy Social Life? It's Not Your Fault, It's the Traffic [Curbed] BONUS: Given that Brooklyn-style Pizza has caught fire out there, check out suggestions for Gowanus-Style Pizza over at a blog called Toilet Time for Tiny Town: "The Domino's closes somewhere between the time you ordered the pizza and the time it should have been finished. The Domino's is replaced by a GAP, Urban Outfitters or Brooklyn Industries."