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Hotel 373 Sneaks Into SoFi

Hotel 373, the new SoFi boutique hotel from McSam Development, has launched their website and will open for business in December. The building was rumored to be a retirement home, but it seems those plans fell through. A tipster notes, "A new large sign has appeared on the building touting its grand opening in December. Considering that there are 70 rooms, the tall building built at E 35th Street next to this Starbucks must be apart of it, therefore answering the old question: What is that tall building going to be?"

Actually, The Sun reported back in August that McSam will be opening "a 135-room full service franchise on 35th Street" adjacent to the Hotel 373. $398 is the going December rate and the pet friendly rooms have flat screens and iPod docks. How sleek.
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