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6 Columbus Opening Update: Eventually, Maybe

Way back around Spring Break '06, then-fresh intel suggested that Jason Pomeranc's oft-delayed 6 Columbus hotel project would finally open in the summer. Wishful thinking, sure, but who woulda thunk it that we'd be sitting here with temperatures dipping, wondering if his Lower East Side night-light will open first. An inside source has this to say about 6Columbo:

They've moved the Director of Sales into the building, and i believe what will be the General Manager of the property. They had been hunkered down in the corporate office, but some movement is being made. What this means, is that the hotel JUST MIGHT open up before the LES project. Also, in house, they have posted available jobs for that hotel as well. I think this will be a soft open even worse than the redo on the Rhiga. From what i understand the hotel is still light years behind schedule even with a proposed soft open coming. Info is hard to come by, they've got SS-like security going at the corporate office.

If you're dreaming of a Pomeranc Christmas, you might not want to hold your breath. Hey, maybe next summer, right?
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