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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Curbed RentChopper: 55 Berry, Part II (46 comments)
"At $3200, it's getting closer. I bet it'll be gone at $3000 or $2800. Other lofts in the neighborhood in far more industrial (ie, serious warehouse elevators, crappy appliances) buildings go for about $2600, so I can see a $200 premium for a doorman, nice appliance (sub zero fridge), etc..."
2) Bayard Street Update #2: Plague of Lotus (34 comments)
"the lotus really is an awful building. huge kitchens take up all of the living area and the bathroom and kitchen fixtures are better suited for a rust belt holiday inn. the mezzanine level is useless, and the nasty green ironwork on the exterior is also prominent on the interior."
3) Storefronting: Manhattan Edition (28 comments)
"What is the big deal about dog wearing coats? Every dog breed is different. Dog breeds are a manmade invention through selective breeding over the millenium. They are not all built for the extreme elements like their wolf cousins."
4) Yup, Starrett City Is the Next Stuy Town (25 comments)
"My friends and I used to drive out to Brooklyn and park the car just to sit and stare at Starret City-you know, to take in the sheer ugliness of it..."