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Hipsters Realize They're in Brooklyn, Return to Manhattan

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Some people are saying that Brooklyn's too expensive and the commute's too long and starting to return to Manhattan. There are no statistics to back this as yet, only an impression, related by the Brooklyn Papers this week. "Better atmosphere" in Manhattan, the torment of the L and other trains and falling Manhattan prices are all cited as reason people are re-crossing the East River:

Prudential Douglas Elliman broker Ted Karagannis said that as the price difference between the two boroughs shrinks, those who once fled Manhattan are now returning. “Brooklyn is losing a lot of its young artist types back to Manhattan because the rents are too expensive,” Karagannis said. “And a lot of Brooklynites who were able to sell their apartments cashed out and moved back to Manhattan because it was their first choice to begin with.”

Sour grapes? Real trend? Prozac time at the Toll Brothers sales office?
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