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Storefronting: Questions, Questions Edition

We've got a bunch of store openings to report on, but we'll hold those until tomorrow. Instead, in the spirit of Rumblings and Bumblings, we hereby present a slew of reader retail queries that have been piling up in the Storefronting inbox. Got another question, or know an answer? Drop word to the tipline or hit up the comments. Thanks.

1) East 50s: "I noticed them building out the storefront in the building near Bloomingdale's on 58th and 3rd Ave., next door to Home Depot and Wachovia. Have they finally found a tenant? Any idea what’s going in there?"

2) West Village: "What's going on with the retail stretch of Hudson Street from Christopher to 12th Streets? First the large L-shaped cosmetics store at 10th Street had a going out of business sale and is now empty. The space next to the maternity store further up is still empty. The space where Constanza Barca shoe store was is still empty. And now longtime village eatery Sazerac House (right) is gone. Is this just every landlord looking for Bleeker Street/MePa rents? Or is there something else we should know?"

3) East 20s: "I noticed that there are workers inside the old Blockbuster on 3rd ave btw 25th and 26th - there is a floorplan taped inside, but it's hard to tell what this will become. It took ages for them to rent the place. Any idea on what is going in? Ditto for everything else on the block that is empty: the Mailboxes etc. next door; Gramercy 24; Kelly and Ping. After the godawful Dunkin' Donuts moved in across the street, it really can't get any worse than this."

4) Chelsea: "Rumor has it that the U-Haul on the southeast corner of 23rd and 11th in under negotiation to be sold. And across the street, the "gentlemen's" club Privilege on the north east corner of 23rd and 11th has been chained up for a few weeks. The garage behind Privilege that runs back to 24th and 11th also just shut it doors. Looks like something is brewing on both corners... but what?"

5) Williamsburg: "Has there been any talks about a new supermarket in Williamsburg? My broker mentioned a possible location on N. 10th & Roebling but I have not heard anything since."