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Ask Curbed: How to Defend Against an Evil Landlord?

From our Ask Curbed Inbox comes a question almost as old as New York City itself about doing battle with an "evil landlord." A reader writes:

I am writing for advice on a problem that I am sure other NYC apartment dwellers must have faced: a greedy landlord. So I had a sofa delivered last year, which scraped the plaster in the stairwell in a few small spots, as well as scraped the metal door of my apartment. The moving company wanted a damage estimate from my management company. After six months, my management company finally gives me a bill: $2,100!!! Some of the items included weren’t even accurate (like that the call box was damaged, which it wasn’t. I did have them fix it twice because it did not work when I moved in). I gave it to the moving company, which rejected it because it took too long to submit it. I’m moving out in a couple of months and I am worried they are going to take this preposterous amount out of my security deposit. Any thoughts on how to defend myself against my evil landlord?Suggestions, please.
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