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Squirrels Take Back Boerum Hill

What's the significance of, say, one Canadian black squirrel spotted in a Boerum Hill backyard? If you have to ask, you'll never know. Which is an easy way of us saying we have no idea. Luckily, there's people like photoblogger Jack Szwergold, who sends us the link to the above snap and fills in the relevant details:

What's funny is for a while there were no "normal" grey squirrels around thanks to tons of rat poison in the neighborhood placed to kill all of the rats that came up when the tons of "luxury" construction in the neighborhood kicked into full gear. Now some months later, this guy shows up. It's like reverse gentrification in the urban animal kingdom.

So, the natives have been driven out in favor of the cooler squirrels not from around there? How long before that squirrel opens up an overpriced coffee shop/live music venue?
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