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CurbedWire: Ludlow Fitness Has Nice Toiletries

1) Greenpoint: The mystery surrounding the giant white tent at the Greenpoint Terminal Market has been solved. The tipster who sent the above photograph writes, "The tent at the GTM was indeed used for a huge Hassidic event last night [Saturday]. So large that there was a Saturday-night-on-West 4th-style traffic jam for a couple blocks around the site last night from midnight to 1am." [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) Lower East Side: The first reports from the newly opened Ludlow Fitness are in, and all signs point to killer abs. One member writes, "Just to let you know that Ludlow Fitness did open last Monday as promised & the place is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! There's still a little work to be done on it (mostly the stairwell), but it's big & clean & bright. They have a lovely selection of toiletries in the bathroom & the showers are spotless. It opens really early, has long hours, and there's a good selection of classes to choose from, with more planned for January apparently. So ends the 'will-it/won't it open?' saga of Ludlow Fitness." [Curbed Wire Inbox]

3) Midtown: A tipster writes, "I work in the Empire State Building and in the last couple weeks I've been very curious about the bizarre-o light show on the GE building. There are fog lights just under the GE that alternatively flash almost like a strobe and then stay on then blink slowly. Then there's a blue hue with these floating lights that look like clouds." [CurbedWire Inbox]