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That's Rather Hideous: 407 Park Ave. South

Earlier this year, we introduced a feature chronicling bad street art called That's Rather Hideous. Well, what is street art if not the furniture of the outdoors? Er, let's derail this lost metaphor and cut to the chase: we're callously recycling the That's Rather Hideous monicker into a new Curbed feature chronicling alarming interior design choices revealed in real estate listings. Got a nominee for That's Rather Hideous? Send the link along to (Who knows, given the bad staging inherent to this conceit, we may even turn up a few relative bargains along the way for you to enliven with your collection of 1950's Danish furniture.)

Our first entrant is the "best buy" apartment at 407 Park Avenue South seen above. It's in the bland, 1980's era apartment tower The Ascot, but the decor is anything but flat. Faux leopard rug accented with a Union Jack pillow? Not everyone would have the guts for that combo, but there's something special going on here. Asking $875,000; the grandfather clock is $50 extra.
· Listing: 407 Park Ave. South [Corcoran]