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Red Hook Beach at the Brooklyn Maritime Center?

Nothing like some beach talk in December, even if it's Red Hook Beach. It's part of a much bigger proposal for a Brooklyn Maritime Center, which would be part of the huge waterfront development from Pier 7 to Pier 12. The plan, which just got its own website, is being pitched by New York Water Taxi and developer Douglas Durst. The beach would be like Water Taxi Beach in Long Island City and occupy a corner of the site.

The rest of the Brooklyn Maritime Center would include space for artists, a "destination spa and boutique hotel," docks for working boats and a workyard, a recreational marina, waterfront esplanade, the Brooklyn Greenway, a New York Water Taxi port, and a partridge in a pear tree. You can absorb the detail here. Other working names for the beach are South Beach Brooklyn, South Brooklyn Beach and Water Taxi Beach/Brooklyn. "South Beach" has a nice Miami sound, no?
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BONUS: Speaking of the 2007 Red Hook Piers fight, Portside New York reports there will be a press conference and demonstration by the Brooklyn Waterfront Coalition before a City Council hearing on Red Hook waterfront plans. Organizers are said to be "pro-port, pro-port jobs and pro-open space." We're not sure what the alliances/divisions are here.

DOUBLE BONUS: Remember the protests about getting a traffic light on Van Brunt Street? B61 Productions is reporting that after a traffic study, a new stop light will be installed at Van Brunt and Sullivan Streets, along with some new parking regulations. It will take about four months to put in the light, though.