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Fizzbow Followup: There Goes the View

Longtime Curbed readers undoubtedly remember The Fizzbows, the plucky couple who chronicled their For Sale By Owner adventures at 429 Tiffany Place near the Columbia Street waterfront for us last year. Comes special Curbed correspondent Amy Langfield to update us on the neighborhood—and the possible reason the Fizzbows wanted to get out: "I always suspected they were in a huge rush to sell because it was inevitable they'd all lose their Manhattan views once the huge vacant lot on Columbia just north of Degraw was developed. Well, groundbreaking at the vacant lot (above, looking towards Tiffany Place in the rear) was last week. Condos is what the construction guys told me."

Ahead: another view of the construction site and the Manhattan vista soon to be lost by some and gained by others in this circle of real estate life.

The view across (the temporarily one-way) Columbia Street to Lower Manhattan.

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