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PriceChopper: Glass Condos Shattered?

Was asking: $2.688 million
Now asking: $2.295 million
What's up with that?: Much confusion over at the Glass Condominiums at 88 Laight Street in Tribeca, the weirdo solar-powered eight-unit building that has huge floor-thru lofts with 17-foot ceilings. Why the big drop? A tipster writes: "For some reason the developer of this Tribeca development at 88 Laight Street has drastically dropped the asking price on the units and is trying to sell them as is without baths or kitchen. A couple of the units are in contract but the asking prices the rest of the building are down about $400,000 each from a few months ago." The above is just one listing found on Corcoran, and StreetEasy showed the big drop five weeks ago. Anyone got any info?
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