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Ask Curbed: Smelly Fires My Neighbors' Problem?

We always considered the wafting scent of a working fireplace to be a welcome harbinger of the joyous holiday season, but not everyone wants to be reminded of chestnuts and Christmas. We call those people CNN watchers:

i live in an old, fifteen-unit building (a co-op) in the west village where most of the shareholders have fireplaces.... including myself. what do you and your readers consider to be a reasonable expectation regarding smells from other peoples' fires? is it realistic to expect to not smell anything? for what it's worth, you can smell smoke even from the outside of the building (there's a path leading to the front door) and in the hallways. common sense says to me that what one does in their apartment (smells, noise, etc.) should stay in their apartment but i'm also open to the fact that, with fireplaces, this just might not be possible.

We have no idea if this dude's neighbors are tossing pigs or small humans on the open flame or something, but chime in on the comments with your opinion on smoke stink.
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