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Rumblings & Bumblings: Tall Tales in Murray Hill, HC

If it's Tuesday, and there's development, there'll be Rumblings & Bumblings. As always, the questions below were submitted by actual readers. If you've got an answer, another question, or a sweet, sweet digital pic, drop a note in the comments?or email us at

1) Hell's Kitchen: From the edge of the island, a reader writes, "It seems that the lot on 42nd/11th Ave. [across the street from the Atelier] is finally going forward with construction after sitting dormant for what seems like a year (see above, center). There's machinery at work there now. I'm happy to see it sit empty since whatever is going up will block my view. Does anyone know what is being constructed there. Also, is there any news at all about the extension of the Javits Center? A building on 11th Ave. @ 41st is being slowly dismantled which leads me to believe that once the lot is empty the Javits Center extension will go up."
2) Murray Hill: Something here sounds familiar, but we're nothing if not a passive conduit for your hopes and dreams. A reader writers, "325 Lexington Avenue building upstairs has emptied and beloved Korean Grocer is selling off his inventory (50% off) and closing by Saturday rumor has it that 327 is also empty (actually severed) ... from the Israeli-American building on 39th and the two are coming down and 25 story building in place not sure its possible but that's the story on the street ... Any info?"
3) Clinton Hill: This we're almost certain we haven't covered: "They are finally starting to build something in the huge hole in the ground on Washington Avenue in Clinton HIll, betwen Atlantic and Fulton. This is right next to the Cathedral Condos and behind the Faculty House condos. Do you have any information on the project?"
4) Upper West Side: Finally, this literary-tinged query: "does anyone know what is up w/Eagle Court (215 West 84 St in M-n) and also site of farmhouse where EA Poe wrote "The Raven". The lobby has been under renovation for going on 5 months. Is it going condo? coop? or will they just raise rents sky-high? "