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Storefronting: Yohji Yamamoto in MePa, Pleasure in Billyburg

Storefronting reports on the evolving NYC retail scene with an eye towards how changes impact neighborhoods. Seen something opening or closing in your area? Email; bonus points for attaching digital pictures.

1) Meatpacking: A Curbed reader emails, "Word on the street is Yohji Yamamoto will have a new store in the former Boss Models office @ One Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District (above). This low building is actually at the tip of where West 13th Street meets Gansevoort. A very odd location, but nice because it is out of the fray of MePa. With the new Theory store, Scoop, and everyone else, what took this cat so long?" [Storefronting Inbox]

2) Flatiron: Glory be, another H&M! A tipster reports from the opening fracas last Thursday: "It's at 5th Ave and 18th St. They have opening day specials and its located on a whole shopping strip of national chain store in the location where the tired old disoragnized but amazingly cheap Daffy's once stood." Emails another reader, "There was a red carpet stretching halfway up the block when I went in last night." [Storefronting Inbox]

3) Williamsburg: This is awesome: "While I was strolling by the Mill Building on North 3rd St. today I notice a funny and sad little handwritten sign: Coming soon - the Pleasure Mill (right). It was in the window of some crap-tacular 'art gallery' that looks more like an understocked poster shop. gawd, I hope it is some post-modern joke. didn't the hookers on Wythe just go away recently? aahhh, even with all of the loud weekend construction, the Mill building is like the herpes of the neighborhood - it just keeps giving and giving." [Storefronting Inbox]

4) Soho: The nabe's relentless store opening pace continues: the Catherine Maladrino concept store at 468 Broome (at Mercer/Greene), and—just around the corner—the first-ever-anywhere Ugg flagship store at 79 Mercer Street (Spring/Broome) both opened for business last week (following gala parties). Almost makes one long for another Old Navy. [Almost Girl, RetailNet]

5) Harlem/Inwood: The uptown gods giveth and taketh. Giveth: for 148th Street, another outpost of dry clearer Aphrodite, despite, as Uptown Flavor notes, "the fact that there are already two to three cleaners on the other side of 145th Street." Taketh: from Inwood residents, Inwood Peace Yoga, which seeks a new home in the area. [Uptown Flavor, Uptown Deco]