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The Toll Brothers and 'Hedge-Fund Johnny'

Continuing our love affair with überdevelopers Toll Brothers, there's a perky Q&A with Mr. Toll in the Wall Street Journal today. What is driving the Brothers to New York, asks reporter Michael Corkery? Replies Toll:

We are following our people... It was a rarity 20 years ago to find hedge-fund Johnny making a decision to stay in the city. Home buyers went up to Westchester and out to New Jersey -- back to wherever they came from. It was a rarity to see kids in the city. Now it's not.The image above, by the way, was sent along by a tipster last week. We're not quite sure what it means for the Toll Brothers' Williamsburg development North8, but we do enjoy the glee with which they declare the tour POSTPONED!—the same joy, you may recall, they brought to unimpressive percentages a few months back.
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