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Green Roof for Gowanus Whole Foods?

Nevermind the 1,800 cars an hour expected at the Gowanus Whole Foods when it opens in 2008 or the 480-car parking garage and rooftop parking. There's a new Green Roof Whole Foods Market blog pushing a proposal to make the grocery's roof a sea of green instead of blacktop. The bloggers say that, among other things, a green roof would save energy, be good for birds and butterflies, and help cut the crap that flows into the Gowanus Canal during rainstorms, which the Whole Foods would increase. The Gowanus Canal Community Development Corp's plan for the environmentally-challenged neighborhood calls for a "green" Gowanus future. Put some lawnchairs up on that baby and it'll be the perfect place to have a Grilled Lemongrass Tofu snack overlooking Brooklyn's Venice.
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BONUS: More green Brooklyn from another new blog called--what else?--Green Brooklyn. Yesterday's focus was the oil slick giving the Gowanus a nice sheen.