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Brooklyn Greenway Wins a Round

[Photo courtesy keylimesteve/flickr]

Is the Brooklyn Greenway closer to reality? Maybe, a little. Plans for housing on the west side of Columbia Street in Red Hook have been dropped from the redevelopment of a 1.1 mile long section of the Brooklyn waterfront between Piers 7 & 12. The Brooklyn Greenway Initiative sent out an email that was included with the photo above dropped into the Curbed Photo Pool by keylimesteve. The New York City Economic Development Corporation announced yesterday that the waterfront housing is no longer part of plans and that the greenway right-of-way is being increased from 25 to 30 feet wide and will be a Dept. of Transportation right-of-way. The greenway supporters say they're "excited to be a part of establishing this new precedent in urban design for the New York City of the future." The entire greenway would stretch 14 miles. The EDC plan, which is at an early stage, is the subject of rally on the steps of City Hall today.
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