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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Honey, They Shrunk Harlem (42 comments)
"That's nothing. One time while searching UES I came across a post advertising an apartment that was in the Bronx. Their rationale: it was one stop away from Manhattan."
2) Ask Curbed: How to Defend Against Evil Landlord? (42 comments)
"Get a private contractor's estimate, submit it to the landlord and tell them to take you to small claims if they have a problem. They'll settle."
3) 110 Third Taking Premediated Shape (36 comments)
"The father of the Brady Bunch was an architect as I remember. Perhaps this was his last project before he died in 1992."
4) On the Market: Garden Folly in Nolita (34 comments)
"There are a lot of Nolita properties and LES properties that are similar in complexity to this. If there weren't a lot of people who weren't over paying for these former tenements with suspect and insufficient structure, for their 'charm,' there would be no inflated listings like this to complain about."