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Trouble at Williamsburg's Rocket Factory?

[Photo of Rocket Factory courtesy Property Shark/Greenpoint Hotel courtesy Incandenza on flickr]
Is there trouble at the Rocket Factory in Williamsburg? And, is the luxe building on S. 4th Street near Bedford related to the notorious drugs-and-hookers Greenpoint Hotel on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint? Seems the answers are yes and yes. As to the first point, a tipster emails:

The Rocket Factory is having major problems right now. The DOB issued a stop work order on the building and I've heard that some tenants have stopped paying their rent.As for the second point, the same tipster says there is common ownership. (Ownership records for both buildings have, in fact, listed someone named Sam Pearl, although it appears the Rocket Factory is in the process of changing hands.) The federal government moved to foreclose on the hotel last year because of drug activity.
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