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Storefronting: Starbucks Colonizes Smith Street

1) Cobble Hill: For those who've lately lamented the decline of Smith Street as a destination dining experience—uhh, yeah. Emails a tipster, "This morning I saw people cleaning out the now-vacant variety store on NW corner Wyckoff & Smith. Boss man on site says they are expecting a Starbucks to move in. I have no outrage to share, I don't drink coffee." This is the first Smith Street Starbucks, and will undoubtedly become crucial to those who'd otherwise have to trek all the way to Court and Amity for the sweet, sweet foam. [Storefronting Inbox]

2) Flatiron: Back in Manhattan, the chaining of NYC continues apace. Reports blogger Manhattan Offender, "With the recent opening of a branch between Park Avenue South and Lexington, Citibank now very much owns 23rd Street. The new branch joins those at Eighth Avenue, Sixth Avenue, and Broadway as well as a kiosk just off 23rd on Park and an ATM location at 7-Eleven. With a ConEd refund check to be deposited after bank hours, there was a revelation about all of these Citibank locations. Not one has a working pen. While Citibank may be trying to become the Starbucks of banking, perhaps they should keep in mind that Starbucks would never open an outlet and not provide cups. Before opening another branch, perhaps an investment in pens could be made." [Manhattan Offender]

3) Tribeca: Vinotherapy! We have no idea what it means—something about braising oneself with wine, it seems—but it sounds new and essential, and we're all about new essentials. And lo, the Delluva Vinotherapy Day Spa has opened at 152 Franklin St. in the old Assets London space. Per The Real Estate, "The spa itself won't begin treating customers for several more weeks, while the rear of the 2,500-square-foot space is renovated. Once complete, it will feature six therapy suites and a comfy waiting area, where patrons can sip complimentary vino prior to treatment." [The Real Estate, Official Site]