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That's Rather Hideous: 77 Park Avenue

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Closing out a week of adventures in questionable decisions in interior design, let's head to Park Avenue, where money and taste remain on opposite sides of the room. Of course, this is the stretch of Park Avenue in Murray Hill, not the Upper East Side, so certain allowances must be made. Still, as a tipster puts it, "Is that a leopard print curtain I see in the kitchen? Plaid couches, yellow walls? Honestly, this apartment is rather heinous."

Okay. Adding to the fun: a "renovation" described thusly in the broker listing: "18x16 Master bedroom has been Split into Two Bedroom." Checking the floorplan, sure enough, there's now a tiny 12x6 space carved out of the master bedroom—a space you might be able to wedge a crib into, if times got desperate. Of course, given the asking price—$1.1 million for 950 square feet—you might be better off transforming it into a padded cell.
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