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Scarano's Washington Condo Now Up to Code?

If you haven't been following the saga of Brooklyn architecture kingpin Robert Scarano's Washington Condo in Prospect Heights, it's been a doozy. After photos got posted on Brownstoner showing the flimsy plywood "mezzanines" that helped portions of the units qualify as storage space instead of living space (and thus, avoiding FAR issues), the resulting outrage caused the Department of Buildings to consider halting the Washington's final Certificate of Occupancy, even though Scarano claimed all along that he was going to pour in concrete.

Has the DoB been appeased? Craigslist has a listing for a three-bedroom rental unit, available in mid-January. The owner is asking for $3,800-per-month with a parking space thrown in, and there's no mention of cutting through a padlock to get inside the building or ducking under a five-foot ceiling to get to your bed.
· Listing: $3600 / 3br - 1450 sq ft MINT condo - 3 bed, 2 bath, terrace, gym [Craigslist]
· The Washington []