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Halstead Cart Brokers Pull the Old Switcheroo

New York Times Hunt columnist Joyce Cohen also freelances as Curbed's official grocery store correspondent, and her recent update about the advertising hotbed that is the 68th Street Food Emporium is enough to make any produce bagger's head spin. If you recall, much like the Bloods, this used to be Halstead broker Eric Janssen's turf. But Cohen reports on her HuntGrunt blog that Janssen has given up control of the location (peacefully, we assume) to fellow Halstead broker Pat Publik, AKA the Crips. And it doesn't end there. Publik's former Food Emporium base, at 90th and Broadway, now is adorned with the face of Halstead's Mark Friedman, the Latin Kings in this equation. And Publik has competition on 68th Street, because a plastic surgeon wants a piece of the action, much like?eh, we're out of gang names.
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