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CurbedWire: Hell's Kitchen's New Shine

Closing out the week, here's a last blast of CurbedWire, the end-of-day rumor, innuendo, and randomness roundup. Tips always appreciated to

1) Hell's Kitchen: Sleek new units are about to be ready to rent in the neighborhood. A tipster emails the photo at right, noting, "Here is a picture of the new rental on 50th between 10th & 11th Aves. It was a teardown of an old garage (probably stable before that; this is a very old block). Can't figure out what the terraces are for: all they're looking out onto is the garage of a car dealership and a high school! It looks expensive, which it probably is, since it's in the middle of HK." [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) West Village: As the Superior Ink building continues to come down, a fresh tease on what's going up in its place: "There was a community board meeting recently and the new design was approved. It looks way better now. The developer canned Gwathmey Siegel. Can't find a link for you though. Keep your eyes open..." [CurbedWire Inbox]

3) Upper East Side: A tipster passes along an update from the old North Fork Bank site: "The condo/whatever going up at 79th and 2nd is moving at lightening speed. For a long time they were filling in the foundation, although definitely working everyday including saturday on the site. Today, when I was on the crosstown bus, the base of the structure was put up, and I'm not just talking a few beams and poles, but rather a crew of what seemed like 30 workers assembling the base of the structure with such progress that I would have thought could take at least a week to get this done." [CurbedWire Inbox]

4) PartyWire: We couldn't make Elliman's holiday party Wednesday night because of other party conflicts, but a special Curbed correspondent reports from the scene: "Prudential Douglas Elliman should spend more on an acoustical consultant and less on surf 'n' turf. Or they should pass out ear plugs as party favors. The holiday shindig, at Cipriani's party hall in the cavernous old Bowery Bank building, was torture. Utter torture. A LOUD LIVE BAND AND 1,000 PEOPLE MADE FOR SUCH A HORRIFIC DIN THAT MY EARS ARE STILL RINGING." [CurbedWire Inbox]