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Storefronting: Daffy's Returns, 2nd Ave. Deli Activity!

Storefronting reports on the evolving NYC retail scene with an eye towards how changes impact neighborhoods. Seen something opening or closing in your area? Email; bonus points for digital pictures.

1) Flatiron: Good God. Reports a Storefronting reader, "The best news of the year: Daffy's is moving in next door to its old space, behind the new H&M on 18th Street. Two photos are attached (above)." [Storefronting Inbox]

2) East Village: Equally momentous news, fresh from the inbox: "Sorry, no photos, but today plywood is going up outside the old Second Avenue Deli space. No idea what is going inside. Last rumors I heard it was going to be a bank--no surprise." [Storefronting Inbox]

3) East Village: Another reader emails with more EV news: "After decades, Bikes By George has been shuttered/left its 12th Street (between 1st and A) location. An East Village institution was bought out? pushed out? retired? anybody have the scoop? Also, it seems some sort of 'bookstore and cafe' is moving into the old Korova Milk Bar space on Ave A. Anyone with the skinny on the new tenant?" [Storefronting Inbox]

4) West Village: For all your Danish/Swedish/Norwegian needs, Christopher Street now boasts [hus] (right). From the [bracket-rich] official site: "[hus] will fully immerse you in a holistic Scandinavian experience, from feel [design, products], sights [art, movies], sound [music], taste [food, drinks] and emotions [appearance, mind-set] whilst offering world-class service." The Shophound has the word. [The Shophound, Official Site]

5) Soho: A Curbed correspondent reports, "the old tennesee mountain space on spring and wooster has a new tenant. it was late and i was drunk, but i think it was dog apparel related. or maybe very tiny people." [Storefronting Inbox]

6) Clinton Hill: Reports the Clinton Hill Blog: "A few weeks ago, I noticed this storefront on Myrtle. Now it’s a jewelry shop! I took a peek in the window and was surprised to find the space shockingly small. What are they doing with the rest of the space? Could this be a front for something?" BONUS: More Clinton Hill store rumors. [Clinton Hill Blog]