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South Slope's 16th Street Construct-o-Rama

When it comes to Brooklyn construction zones, 16th Street in the South Slope almost looks like parts of Williamsburg or Greenpoint. And, the South Slope development front has drama that Greenpoint and Williamsburg seem to lack: very public controversies, community watchdogs, nasty fights at the Department of Buildings and even a website chronicling an ugly fight between existing residents and a new condo. And, we're not even talking about the famous cracked house. Check out a few more shots of the South Slope action after the jump.
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This is 162 16th Street, which wins the tallest 16th Street building trophy.

Here's 229 16th Street and newcomer 231 16th Street, which have been having a nasty online smackdown.

This is another view of the building at 198-210 16th Street. It's a Karl Fischer.