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Why Barbara Corcoran Rules and You Don't

"The best thing that happened was when I went to my Citibank cash machine on Madison Avenue and 90th Street in my neighborhood two days after the sale. I went to get my $200 out that I get out every two weeks for my $200 pocket cash, and I always push the button, 'do you want a receipt?' 'Yes.' And when the receipt came out, my account balance was over $50 million and that was thrilling.

I showed it to everybody else in the cash line. I couldn't contain myself. I said, 'Look at this, look at this.' I mean, I was looking around, it was such a weird feeling, who do you show it to? Nobody was with me that I knew so I showed it to everybody there. I think they thought I was a nut job, a New York nut."
· How it feels to sell your company for a large sum of money [The Real Deal]