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Rumblings & Bumblings: 160 Imlay Puts on Thinking Cap

If it's Tuesday, and there's development, there'll be Rumblings & Bumblings. As always, the questions below were submitted by actual readers. If you've got an answer, another question, or a sweet, sweet digital pic, drop a note in the comments?or email us at

1) Red Hook: Last we checked in on old fave 160 Imlay (right, earlier this year, in all its billowing glory) a judge had slapped the warehouse-to-condo conversion back to the Board of Standards and Appeals. Today, a tipster sends word of some renewed activity. She writes, "I saw workers putting up some sort of wood framed plastic sheeting on the top floor at 160 Imlay ... Is this just protection for winter or something bigger? Anyone know?"
2) West Village: A reader writes, "I work at 110 Leroy and it looks like the open parking lot and the ugly blue building are going to be developed. Been seeing survey teams on the property and ConEd has been working non-stop for weeks on the electric conduits in the street. Any news on this?"
3) Upper West Side: From a perch in the NE corner of the UWS, where the superblock between 97th and 100th on Columbus is mid-development, a reader emails, "It looks like there could be another wrinkle, but I don't have much info. This weekend, two truck-mounted drilling rigs were spotted in the tennis courts at the Columbus Racquet Club on the east side of Columbus between 97th and 100th, across from the line of stores that have already been knocked down. In the last 6-9 months, one set of courts (at the intersection of 97th and Columbus) has already been paved over and turned into an Icon parking lot. So here are the questions: What's happening to the rest of the Racquet Club? Who owns that land, anyway? Is it privately held, or owned by the city and leased to the club? Are the drilling rigs a sign that buildings are coming, or just some sort of winter court maintenance?" Whaddya say, gang, anything to see here or just more Whole Foods?