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Cool New Thing: NYC Finally Gets Its Bubble Blog

Though we mostly retired our BubbleWatch™ rubric a year ago when the real estate market started its downward march, we're still delighted to see that New York City is finally worthy of its very own BubbleBlog. Introducing: the straightforwardly named New York City Housing Bubble, written by—well, let's let author "Stefanie in 11211" explain:

I have lived in Brooklyn-North Williamsburg for 10yrs/nyc for 20yrs, and witnessed first-hand the 'New Bohemia' known as Billburg blossom out of the affordability range for most who love it and wish to remain. So I decided to start this blog due to the lack of focused material on the NYC housing bubble in the (5) five boroughs and immediate metro area. Most importantly, this is a place to 'get the big picture' on socio-economic- political-financial issues worldwide, which will affect this market in the days immediatley ahead.If there was to be a NYC housing bubble blog, it could only come from our favorite New Bohemia. You can feel it in the air: gonna be a good day.
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