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Long Island City's Hackett Building Faces Demo

[Photos courtesy Historical Society (inset)]

The Hackett Building, a triangular landmark erected in Hunters Point in 1885, has lined up a hot date with the wrecking ball. Reports the Queens Chronicle:

When the cafe Ten 63 moved out of its first floor space in the Hackett Building on Jackson Avenue, Long Island City residents mourned the loss of a good cup of coffee and a hearty scone. Now, the stakes have gotten a bit higher, as neighbors find themselves fighting to save the structure, slated to be razed for an eight story luxury condominium complex... A permit to tear down the building could be issued in a matter of weeks, as long as the developer gives the community 10 days’ notice and complies with all other city regulations. Once that happens, saving the building is next to impossible.Word of the plans, which apparently supercede original developer plans to add several floors to the existing building, has neighborhood residents motivating to stop the demo. There's a petition to sign at nearby wine store Vine-Wine, according to, but like most such plans these days, it's probably underway a day short and a few dollars late.
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