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Hackett Building Replacement: Shiny!

Yesterday, we reported on the impending demolition of the triangular Hackett Building in Long Island City, a post which inspired a commenter to wonder, "doesnt LIC deserve at least one interesting brick building or does everything have to be new and shiny?" In that spirit, relax and enjoy the renderings above of what's to come once the Hackett is no more. Of the new design, H. Thomas O'Hara Architect has this to say: "One of the pioneer buildings in Long Island City, this building will help improve the neighborhood from its original industrial desolate areas to a new, friendly, residential neighborhood." Which is just so delightfully ballsy that we've nothing more to add.

A Curbed tipster writes: "I was disheartened to learn this past summer that this building is coming down. It's actually in good shape with amazingly tall ceiling heights (guess the owner wanted more sellable square footage within the allowable envelope). There were well placed rumors that the building was (is?) owned by one of the small-time mafia families based in queens. The cafe in the building 10-63 was a great place."

· H. Thomas O'Hara Architect [, click '02 Projects' for renderings]
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