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Williamsburg Waterfront #1: Sense of Doom?

As we noted yesterday, the first Northside Piers buildings on Kent Avenue are rising fast. But is the dark cloud of a possible Brooklyn market crash casting a shadow? Apparently so, says a tipster who emails this juicy tidbit:

They are building the first two buildings now....and will wait a year or two for the remaining ones depending on the market and competition from The Edge and 164 Kent which has increased it's unit count of apartments.The Edge is the big Douglaston Development project to the north with 892 apartments and 164 Kent is actually the affordable housing called Palmer's Dock going up in front of the Northside Piers highrise. Saving the punchline for last, however, our tipster notes that a service provider for Northside Piers is "seeking construction costs in advance since they may bale in a year." Waterfront jitters?
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