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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Whitestone Lane Townhouse

Yesterday, we asked you to come up with a listing price for this Harlem whitestone. Today, we reveal the answer.

Listing: 129 W. 117th St. [Elliman]
Asking: $1.45 million
Some background about the provenance of this recent addition to the Harlem landscape: Seems it was a subsidized property, built in 2000 and purchased on the cheap. And now somebody's going to make a little cash. Whatever you make of the flip, note that the brownstone snobs are not down with the production quality. See, e.g., "This is a Home Depot reproduction townhouse." Gold star for the first, closest, untarnished guesser, "Anonymous," who came in at $1.575 million.
Curbed PriceSpotter: Whitestone Lane Townhouse [Curbed]