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Development Update-o-rama: 50 Gramercy Park North

With developer/arbiter or cool Ian Schrager focusing his attention on so many projects lately, you must forgive us if 50 Gramercy Park North seems to get shorted. No worries, though, because the Schrage's publicists have got our back, and it's going to be a merry Christmas for the developer. When 50GPN?built in the gap between the Gramercy Park Hotel and its original annex?hit the market, there were 23 units available. Now, only two units remain unsold, including the ridonkadonk $16 million penthouse previously floor-porned in this space. That one is so spectacular that if you lay eyes on it, even for a split second, it will make all your Christmas presents hopelessly disappointing, so above is a glimpse of the two-bedroom (with media room or convertible third bedroom) crash pad that's also still available. One more image after the jump.

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