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Storefronting Quick Hits: The Butler Did It

1) Upper West Side: Writes a reader: "Saw a sad sign on the UWS today. Murder Ink/Ivy Books on 92nd and Bway will be closing their doors after the holidays. 'The rent is too high now,' the owner told me. Such a bummer. Sure enough, the Times swoops in, has a little fun with the headline, and fills in the details: rising rent, a nearby Barnes & Noble, eBay and Amazon and, uh, a dying clientele. [Storefronting inbox/NYTimes]

2) Soho: Rather than accept a tenant that will only pay 75% of what the retail space at 160 Wooster is truly worth, the landlord of the space will push forward with the strategy of having it sit vacant for another couple of years. The Wired pop-up store is currently filling the space through the end of the year, so go have a peek at what the place looks like with actual mechandise inside. [Observer]