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Broker Blogwrap: Special Holiday PriceChops!

Broker Blogwrap is Curbed's semi-regular roundup from the wild world of blogging real estate brokers. Know about a broker blog we should be reading? Drop a tip to Thanks.

1) PriceChopper Mania! UrbanDigs rounds up four notable choppahs in the past week, including the "starter studio" (right) on East 54th that was sliced twice in five days, from $349,000 to $299,000 to $285,000. We suggest waiting until early January to make an offer. At that point, the asking price should be somewhere in the five digits, and the walls will still be purple. [UrbanDigs, Corcoran]

2) Last week, Corcoran broker Peter Comitini dropped by the Curbed holiday drinks at Design Within Reach to introduce himself. Seems Mr. Comitini's got himself one of these here blogs—and hey, it's one of the better designed broker blogs we've yet come across. His disembodied head? Nice touch. []

3) If only I'd bought that apartment back when... Broker Chistine Forgione muses on the timeless topic of self-inflicted real estate pain. Bring Advil. [NYHousesForSale via TrueGotham]