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Williamsburg Rumor: Galapagos Site to Become Condo?

[Photo courtesy of Luce_Beaulieu/flickr]

A couple of months ago, Galapagos on N. 6th Street in Williamsburg was rumored to be closing as part of takeover of NorthSix and creation of a "supervenue" by Clear Channel-owned Live Nation. As it turned out, Bowery Presents took over the NorthSix lease, but Galapagos kept on. Now, the rumor is that Galapagos could go the way of many things that die in Williamsburg and become the site of a condo. The word originally popped up on a blog called Flora Fling's Filings and was expounded on today by Brooklyn Vegan via Daily Intelligencer. In any case, the original report was:

an acquaintance heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend who knows the owner of Galapagos - he's selling out in the next year or so to cash the space in to make way for more CONDOS going up in the hood (NOOOOOOO!!!!!)...Damn it to hell! We will soon be living in condo suburbia (pardon me while I vomit!).More to come, no doubt.
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